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Pouring Coffee into Filter


From Our Soul To Your Hearts

We know what it’s like to get that intense craving for a great tasting cup of coffee. At OMG Cafe & Tapas,

we believe that everyone deserves coffee that is both delicious and from beans of the top quality.

Our Chefs Hondina Silva and Ana Gonçalves had the idea of delivering simple food, homemade style,

combined with their passion for coffee, drinks and diverse palette of flavours that is Brazilian and Portuguese culinary.


Our team is always looking to provide authentic latin flavours, with roots on mediterranean cuisine, in a modern context. 
We carefully select and prepare each product and dish as it was for ourselves and proudly deliver an experience like no other in Toronto. Come start your day with us or join us for happy hour, and 
immerse yourself in CAFE & TAPAS.

Check out our Brazilian Chef Hondina Silva fully dedicated Vegan Menu!

Hondinas Food logo. a chef hat in a lovely cartoon face with blue hair and glasses
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